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Remains of the Wissington Railway - more old photos I found

Fen End Pit


Back in the early 90's I drove up into the wilds of the Fens and found a few remnants of the Wissington Railway. The photos came to light again as I was sorting out my drawers so I thought I'd share them.




Turning off the A10 north of Southery and you could still find the remains of rails in some of the concreted field entrances.




In other places you just had to imagine where the railway once went along the size of the drain.




Here the railway once ran between the concreted road and the trees.




Some of the concrete sleeps have found a new use in a farm yard.




This bridge was at Little Ouse I believe (just up the road from Shippea Hill) and now beyond the security gates installed by the farmer giant agri-business.




This wonderful old feedmill is on the road from Prickwillow to Shippea Hill. It was an essay in corrugated asbestos which has now been rebuilt beyond all recognition into a house.


It would be incredible difficult to model the Wissington lines. Rails almost completely hidden by vegetation, ridiculously tight curves and the problem of needing to a baseboard about 200 metres square before you could find anything to use as a scenic break.


Go on someone, prove me wrong.



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I have a few pictures of a "Potato Railway" taken during a NGSociety visit way back when. Must dig them out, modelling would have the same scenic break problem, although having seen "Up The Line" this weekend at Mickleover.... they just run off scene and it seems right!!

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I know someone who farmed in the area. He remembers the railway quite vividly. Being chairman of the local water board, he was given the book about it.

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