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Golden Arrow Crosti - Loco Preheater and Handrails



My attention turned to the pre-heater today, so the chassis was stripped down to release the Hornby underboiler/motion support and the resin parts trimmed up and superglued on. After a quick test assembly to make sure everything was in the right place the joins were re-inforced on the insides with epoxy resin glue.




After leaving the epoxy to set, a final fettle was needed to ensure a good fit with the chassis block and job done (apart from painting).


Note also from the photo the section of black plastic that needed to be removed to clear the side chimney assembly.


I've also fitted the handrails. I had a couple of Hornby ones left over from a previous project, so these were pressed into service. Still need that guitar string .....




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Hi Ian,


That Crosti's coming on nicely. I've got one to do for myself, but I'm afraid mine will have to make do with a Comet chassis. ;) BTW, instead of waiting for guitar string, how about LS30 from the Comet list. :D


Geoff (from Comet!)

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Nice try Geoff, but the guitar string is for the insulated pipework runs from preheater to main boiler, I've got plently of vac pipes although this example won't carry any as the would foul the standard Hornby coupling that the eventual owner still wants to retain unsure.gif


Calling in at a local purveyor of musical instruments on my way home to BUY a string, should be an interesting conversation ......


Bet your pipework will look good once you've lobbed 20 odd quids worth of Comet detailing pack at it biggrin.gif



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