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St Ruth

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Trainwest 2016




Some photos from St Ruth's outing this weekend to deliver one of two helpings of Cornish 2FS goodness to the people of Wiltshire. A really good show with a fine selection of quality layouts. We had a great time being back to back with John Greenwood's beautiful Wadebridge. A certain amount of chinwagging may have taken place.


St Ruth behaved itself pretty well with only occasional minor annoyances.


A recent low-tech addition has helped to improve the running in the station area - a jump lead with two crocodile clips linking the common returns between the station and middle board. We've suspected some peculiar speeding up behaviour for a little while now but usually put it down to bad pickup. When we set the layout up to test it over Easter we found that there really was an issue in the form of a voltage difference between the common return wiring on the two boards. The jump lead is a temporary fix but nicely gets rid of the voltage difference and instils a little more confidence when trying to do slow speed shunting operations in the yard throat area.


The usual random assortment of photos.


Smile for the camera? Oh dear!




Sydney Gardens


Calderwood... for some north/south balance. I was particularly taken with the second wagon in this train beacuse my Mum's family used to be miners at Denaby Main.


I've also posted some pics of Wadebridge over on the relevant thread



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