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Hawthorn Leslie - Catchup on Daniel's latest project



This post is a bit of a cheat, since it is not my work I am showing. In my post yesterday I showed the stock I weathered, including Daniel's (my son) first loco build at the age of 11. Eight years later he is still going and here is his latest project, as promised.




The loco is a High Level kit of a Hawthorn Leslie, he has been working on it over successive Missenden weekends under the tutorship of Tony Gee (t-b-g). It's now really at a stage of a few final tweaks before painting, a job I suspect I will be asked to undertake.




When I look at the soldering work now and the the finish he is achieving it has come a long way from that first GEM kit. It helps of course to be working on a first class kit and to have advice from some really proficient loco builders (not me I hasten to add). He is a great proponent of resistance soldering, every time he goes back to university I have to check he is not sneaking off with my RSU! Importantly it runs as well as it looks, being a very smooth, slow running loco, helped of course by the excellent 108:1 gearbox.


He has now moved on to build a chassis to go under a Taff Vale C Class. It's a resin body from Dean Sidings, but he has chosen to go down the route of taking a Comet chassis for a 14xx and turning it into a 4-4-2 instead of using the chopped up 14xx chassis from Hornby. Perhaps more on that as he progresses with it.

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