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Tweedale - Time to move on



Replacement Windows
The layout is now in its final stages of construction. For the past two years it has endured cardboard mock-ups for the windows which seperate each of the scenes. Now that the scenery is all but complete, I've finally been able to determine the exact size required for the windows and replace them. Here is an overall view of the layout without its windows, now moved to a corner of the spare bedroom....


...and here it is with the new windows in place, and lighting on...


The window boards were cut from 4mm ply and just slot into place along the front of the layout, so they can easily be removed for better access to the inside. The 'mouseholes' give the operator sight-lines for checking points and sector plate.


Pressing the Pause button
In the introductory post, 10 months ago, it was explained that the main purpose of the blog was to give me the impetus to get on with the layout (which was wallowing in the doldrums at the time). Having committed myself to writing an update each month, I then felt obliged to make continuing visible progress. The plan seems to have worked, as I'm sure the layout would not have got to this stage by now without that pressure. There are still a few outstanding jobs (the most notable being replacement of the couplings), but none that really deserve a blog post of their own. For that reason I'll no longer be updating this blog on a regular basis, though I might add the occasional post if anything significant happens.


The 'daily goods' will still continue to be operated, while I move on to other, unrelated, construction projects. However I've not finished with the Tweedale theme yet, and will likely return to it in the not too distant future, at which time the blog will no doubt be resurrected.


I'd like to thank all who have taken an interest in the project, especially those who have posted comments and 'likes'. They've been much appreciated.


I'll leave you with final shots of each of the four scenes.


Grimley and Slaghill...


The Pits...




Dale End...


Best wishes, Alan.

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Guest Simon Dunkley


Twee it ain't. The finished product is quite remarkable, and very well presented.


Lovely stuff: thank you for sharing this with us.

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Wonderfully creative concept, so well executed. I am totally and utterly in awe of this.

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Really lovely well observed modelling done in a slightly quirky way, this has to be one of my favourite blogs! I really like the different height viewing windows and the idea of "sight line mouse holes" :-)


I for one will certainly miss the updates!

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Simon Dunkley, Ian Holmes, wenlock, Ian H C, many thanks for your kind comments. I do have a couple of ideas for the future. I originally wanted to keep this layout self-contained on a single baseboard, however I think it might benefit from a short extension board from Slaghill with a run round loop (one wagon capacity would be sufficient). That would allow the whole layout to be operated with a single loco, rather than two (which seems a bit like cheating). The other more long term idea is to build a new, exhibition-friendly, version. The current layout is not robust enough for that, and the corner configuration only allows two other people to view the layout at any one time, by peering over the operator's shoulders. Should either of those ideas come to fruition, they'll be reported in this blog.


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Really hoping the mark 2 "exhibition friendly" version appears very soon!

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Well, mark 2 might get started this year, but at the speed I work it would probably be a good many years before it was fit for a show. Alan.

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Thank you very much for all your posts on Tweedale, it really does look stunning. Good luck with Mk2 as and when.



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Have absolutely loved following this project, every update gives me the urge to carry on with my own!

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Bit late to the party but what a lovely layout!  From somewhere to somewhere else in a small space.  Ingenious idea, very well excecuted.  I love it!

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2mmMark, thank you. 1 year on and nothing more has been done to the layout on the scenic side, but it still gets operated most days. It suits me perfectly. Alan.

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