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High Level Black Hawthorn - ready for paint



I completed most of my Black Hawthorn at Missenden Abbey, however there were a few bits to finish off that I thought I would do at home, pipe runs, stays etc. Of course I didn't get around to it until today, needless to say those "little" jobs took a long time, very fiddly in places those pipes. However here it is, I think it is now ready for painting, after a bit of cleaning up.




I added some lead shot in the smokebox before putting the door on and also in the base of the bunkers on either side. In all I managed to get the loco to weigh in at 84 grams. However that was with the backhead (white metal) not in place, so that might add another 5 grams, plus a white metal crew. Still I think it is not going to win any tug of war competitions anytime soon!


I already have my next High Level kit underway, a Neilson Mineral, I do like these little kits, they are so well thought out and everything fits. Maybe I'lll post a picture on the progress of that kit next time I have it on the workbench.

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Looking pretty sweet to me. :) To be pristeen or gunked up?

Thanks. I suspect it will have some weathering, but maybe not too heavy

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