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Derek Naylor



Hi all


Back again with a bit of a odd ball model. I do't know how many of you have had a look at the Cool4Cats web site. These are delightful card kits of a range of subjects all of which make into working models, automatons I think is the word. I have made several over the years and powered them with those cheap motor and gearbox items. At my last viewing of the site there still were not any railway ones. I thought I would have ago at scratch building one. This is probably my last throw at building a "complete" model railway! I think the photos will explain better than a hundred words. Everything except the drive is card. Just two thickness of card were used. 100 thou for the four sides of the box and the base and 10 for the rest. The English Village models are ten thou but the size reduced to 75% of the originals at the local photo shop.. The rolling stock and figures were produced and painted by my friend John Holroyd who was a commercial artist These were made oversize and reduced to size as required. It will be obvious the "trains" are attached to a card belt. All fantasy and fun to watch. There is a short video on Youtube if you want to see it in action


That's it, Back to hibernation again. Derek.



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