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ISO Containers from the 1980s



with a full rake of 5 vintage Hornby FFA/FGA wagons i needed an assortment of 1980s ISO containers as a replacement for the aged Hornby boxes.
The plan was to get some of the Wild Boar containers until i saw the ready to use C-Rail-Intermodal offerings.
So whilst at the DEMU Showcase 2016 i purchased 4 of the C-Rail containers.




shown below are 2 balanced on the wagon before the lugs for the original containers are cut off.



just wondering what the best way will be to keep the new containers on the wagon?
Do i cut the lugs off or drill holes in the bottom of the new containers?

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Where to put them?

No opening doors on these new containers and the wagon is plastic.

Double sided tape is looking favourite as it is thin, easily concealed and replaced.

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Blue tack or glue dots, or just glue them on if you don`t intend to swap between era`s.

I would like to be able to take them off occasionally so a semi permanent solution is the way forward.

Thanks for looking

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