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A 'P' Set for South Yard



Some considerable time ago I invested in a couple of Chris Higgs' Maunsell coach kits. It was a bit of an impulse buy - I've always fancied having a north Cornwall 'P' set even though it doesn't fit with my usual core themes. Having languished in the gloat box ever since, I decided that South Yard's appearance at the upcoming (err... tomorrow) Supermeet at Tutbury was a good prompt to actually get them built.


As with all things, time ran short so they are not exactly 'finished'. They still lack set numbers, door handles, loo fillers, weathering and so on and the non-public side has very effective ventilation courtesy of a complete absence of glazing.


A couple of quick photos of the new arrivals.







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They both really nice! Shame I can't get to Tutbury today. I'm intrigued by the couplings between the coaches though. Are they magnetic? Could you write a few words about them? Or have you done that already elsewhere?




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Thanks David, Yes the couplings between the coaches are magnetic. They are very simple and quick to make - on one coach there is a 3mm dia by 1mm thick rare earth magnet and on the other a small square of thin steel. These are attached to an arm made from 15 thou black plastikard that sits on top of the bogie and is drilled to fit over the bogie pivot (a 10BA screw). Some more bits of plastikard at the outer end make a simple right angle bracket to mount the magnet (or steel).


On the Maunsells I also needed to step the arm downwards a little to clear the bottom of the buffer beam.


Regards, Andy

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