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Still Here



It's quite a while since I've posted anything here - too many (pleasant) distractions have got in the way of modelling, of late. I keep getting 'flash-forwards' to a strange 21st century world, full of confusions - so different from the settled era we enjoy under our gracious Queen Empress Victoria.


I've been playing with a new ultra-wide-angle lens on my Olympus camera and it creates some interesting perspectives, if placed very close to a model and stopped down, to provide a reasonable depth of field [9mm FL at f/16, with subject lit by bounced flash] My old Tri-Ang 'Lord of the Isles' (with extra Tenshodo SPUD motor in the front bogie) stands up to close scrutiny surprisingly well, though I'm not sure what all that ironmongery ahead of the buffer beam is supposed to be :)




I still have plans for my new Broad Gauge scene but turning them into reality is taking time.



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Like you say, shame about the couplings, the rest looks really good. Paddington wasn't built in a day, tell me about it! Modelling anything just takes such a time.

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Good to hear from you Mike. That does look like a useful wide angle, locos and coaches are always tricky to capture in full, so this could help.


I'm sure you'll find time for modelling again at some point, there are other things in life after all!


Meanwhile, I'm afraid Station Master A. Woodcourt is not so sympathetic:




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Well observed, Mikkel.  I had hope that the dust on the smokebox would look like the result of some priming.  I do feel that models can look too shiny plastic, so decided to leave some surface patina.  But, of course, as I mentioned, I've been affected by 21st century visions, and agree that these are not the standards we should expect in our own times.  Please reassure Mr Woodcourt that the matter will be attended to forthwith.



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Don't worry Mike, I was only joking. You should see some of my stock!


Nevertheless, Mr Woodcourt is satisfied that you are planning immediate action, and will take the liberty of conducting an uplanned inspection at a future date.

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Some screw link couplings would set that loco off nicely. Persevere with the broad gauge Mike.


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Thanks for the encouragement to press on, folks!  The photo was simply an experiment with a new lens and I didn't prepare things much.  I am amazed by how good a simple Tri-ang model can look and, yes, it's worth upgrading with things like screw-link couplings.

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Glad to see that I have not missed too much.  The model from that angle is quite impressive.  I look forward to your new layout when you have the time, there is no rush.

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Thanks, Chris.  I've just done the quantity-surveying for my new model, so things should start to take shape before too long.  My time-scales begin to look like those for HS2 :)

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