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A general view of things.

Dave John


Well, my name is Dave and I am building my second layout themed on the Caledonian Railway in the Edwardian era. The first was called Kelvinbank, and since I live 200 yards from the river kelvin which flows through the west end of Glasgow I think I shall stick to the name.


You may well ask, if he has built one already why is he building another? Simply put, the sky fell in. Not the real sky, but to the 4mm scale figures on the layout half a ton of victorian lime plaster falling from a 12 foot high ceiling probably felt like the sky. Luckily I realised that the skyfall was imminent and managed to get 75 % of the layout details and stock stripped out safely, but it was clear that Kelvinbank 1 was going to have to be scrapped. This happened in May last year, a decision was taken that the smaller back bedroom would become a bedroom and that the new Kelvinbank would occupy the larger front bedroom, ( and some of the kitchen, but more of that later)


So why blog about it ? I have posted stuff online before, particularly in the CRA forums, but that has tended to be specific shots of individual models as the topic arose. Several people suggested I should do a blog covering the more general aspects of modelling. I was a bit reluctant, there are many who build fantastic locos and stock, brilliant buildings, wonderful scenery whose work I am nowhere near emulating. But it was pointed out to me that everyone has to start somewhere and that another modeller adds to the sum total, thus promoting the hobby as a whole. Logically too if it encourages folk to have a shot at EM, pregrouping, preferably Caledonian modelling on the if he can do it so can I principle then all the better.


Enough of me blethering on, a couple of general pictures of the progress to date.





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Anyone modelling pregroup deserves to be heard. Good luck with the new line, and with your ceilings!

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Hi Dave,

Looking at your first photo, your baseboards look interesting - are they individual"trolleys"? - any more details available?

Many thanks


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Hi Richard,


They are a timber frame base, with a deep ply box on the top. The ply box is hinged at the rear, so when the boards are split they can lift up like a car bonnet. My days of upside down soldering are over. All 4 boards are on castors with long 10 mm bolts through brackets, the floor in that room is very dished after 120 years of movement. I can therefore move them about to work from a comfortable angle, and adjust levels easily. The backscene boards are 6mm ply, they are held to the rear ply face with bolts and wing nuts, again so they can be easily removed for access. Alignment between the boards is kept solid by the taper brass type baseboard alignment pins.


The deep front face of the plywood box has cutouts for the various control panels, so the local wiring is kept short and is easy to troubleshoot if anything goes wrong. 


Hope that describes it , I will post some pics next time I move them out. 

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