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Since I relaid the whole track using cork underlay instead of the previous foam underlay I have been faced with the problem of decent ballasting. Since, for reasons explained in previous posts, I used a 5 mm thick cork, I now have the problem of how to disguise this steep step. I tried gluing 7 mm wide cardboard strips at an angle to form a hypotenuse and, in some places it seems o.k. but in others not because I did not get the ballast to stick properly. Finally, I decided to glue a twine in the angle between the upright cork wall and the base and then apply the ballast and a small test piece turned out alright, but when I have applied it to the layout, I find it hard to get the same results and it doesn't seem to look quite right to me, but I haven’t seen close up shots of other modellers' ballasting to compare. I enclose some photos and would like to see photos of others.
A further point, is the water tower o.k. in its present colour as supplied, or should it have a different colour and is it right planted directly on the floor or should it have a pedestal?
The photos are not particularly good, but I used a tablet with a low powered camera.


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