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Neilson 12" Mineral



Not to forget my other project, and true to the promise I made myself about not starting new projects until I finished some of the ongoing ones, I have fitted the crossheads and connecting rods to my High Level 12" Neilson that I have been building at Missenden Abbey.


It's not running perfectly yet, but I did some fetling this evening and have improved it somewhat.



Still some way to go before I am happy and will attach the rest of the bits - I have assemblies for the brake gear and the 'Hubba Bubba" pipe and cab fitting ready to go in, but I would rather get the running sorted first. Some of the bits are a little delicate and the brake gear might just add confusion to the running issues.


This is probably not far, in terms of what is needed, from completion, but the fiddling at this stage always seems to take longer than expected. I will probably share my time between this, the Nucast steam rail motor and another project to replace the chassis in an old Finecast Saint I built many years ago that has never run very well - but more of that story in a future post.

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