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Daniel's Various Project



I realised after Captain Kernow's comment on my last post that I had not been true to my word and posted some of my son's projects. So this post is really to redress that. I apologies for the heavy photo content. These are things Daniel has put together either at the Missenden weekends or when he was at home from University during the summer.


The first item has been here before, at least in incomplete form, it's the High Level Hawthorn Leslie that he has been building. All finally ready for painting.




The roof is not attached yet, since access to the cab is needed for painting and installing the backhead - which is not in place in this photo but all done ready to go.


The next item is a white metal kit he picked up a long time ago, the floors are plastic and I noticed after I took the picture the floor of the crane has come loose, so will need to be secured again.




It's an ABS models kit, soldered together, expect of course for the plastic floors. Like me Daniel has an aversion to glue!




This next item is somewhat braver, a Falcon Brass 6 wheel tool van. I've heard these kits described as unbuildable by others, but I think he can be justifiably proud of the end result. Again the roof is not attached it will be once the model is painted and glazed. He really enjoyed putting all that strapping on, the RSU got a lot of use. I think this makes a nice and somewhat different addition to any yard scene or P-way train. I think his idea is to add it to the crane and a couple of other vehicles he has planned to make a works train.


This next item is a resin bodied kit from Dean Sidings, a Taff Vale C Class. The kit is designed to be fitted to a Hornby 14xx chassis, cut up a bit to fit. However the chassis Daniel had was of a different vintage and would have needed to be cut through the motor to fit. So that wasn't happening. Rather than buy another Hornby chassis he decided instead to make an etched chassis by taking a comment 14xx chassis, cutting of the leading wheel and building a trailing bogie out of bits of scrap Nickel Silver. This way he got to keep the ashcan at the right end and come up with a chassis that runs really well.




And finally, this is Daniel current project. It was started at the Missenden weekend back in October. He also spent a day at the club modelling Saturday building the working inside motion that can be seen resting on the ballast in front of the chassis. It is a Martin Finney kit, now available from Brassmasters, for a GWR Hall.




The working motion is a rather wonderful thing, and I have to admit I like it a lot and am thinking of doing the same for the new Saint chassis I am building. There is something rather pleasing about building all these little bits up and seeing them move. Of course he has not yet got to the stage of trying to sandwich it all in between the frames yet.


Daniel tells me the wheels are temporary, sine they are slightly the wrong size. He has a set of Gibson wheels he will fit once he is happy with everything and painted the chassis. Neither of us like taking Gibson wheels on and off more than we have to. The blutak is also a temporary feature to keep the motor/gearbox aligned until the rest of the chassis is complete.


There is a common theme with Daniel's projects, none of them are painted. He does have a plan for this, sadly it involves me doing it! To this end I have enrolled on the Painting and Lining course at the Spring Missenden Abbey Railway Modellers weekend. I'm not sure if I will get to paint many of them there, but Daniel tells me he is generously giving me items to perfect my skills on - no pressure there then!

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The quality of Daniel's work would put many, many older and more experienced modellers to complete and utter shame, and I count myself in that number. The work is simply staggering for one so young (relatively speaking, if you see what I mean!).


Finney and HL kits weren't around when I was that age, and I don't think that I would have had the bravery to even open the box!


Full marks, and age notwithstanding, he must surely count as a 'more experienced modeller' with that lot under his belt. Well done!

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Beautiful work, I'll echo the Captain and say it's better than I could do it. 


Daniel, if you are reading this let me know how we can best put pressure on your dad to get on with the painting :-)

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Totally agree with the Captain's comments above.

It's great to see such skills and quality progress being made, it doesn't seem that long ago since Daniel could hardly see over the top of the backscenes on Fisherton Sarum!

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