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Ivatt Interlude.... Detailing the revised Bachmann Ivatt 2-6-2



Bachmann recently gave us a revised model of their Ivatt 2-6-2 tank with a new DCC ready chassis. Other than the dome on the body no further changes were made sadly. A good friend bought one to put the new chassis under an old body I'd previously renumbered. I thought I could add a few enhancements to the spare new body by adding a new chimney and a few other tweaks.


I had a 247 Developments Ivatt chimney in my spares box so cut off the old Bachmann effort and glued on the new one. New lamp irons were made from staples and handrails replaced with Alan Gibson short knobs and wire. The smoke box door dart from the same source.




The undersize mechanical lubricators where also replaced with some Comet ones I happened to have.




On the cab I opened up the roof ventilator making sliding shutters and runners from scrap brass sheet and Micro-strip. Again lamp irons from staples.




Other than the cab roof and the smokebox area the paint is original. I removed the factory printed number with T-Cut. My friend was a passed fireman at Wellingborough 15A shed and wanted it numbered as 41328 a loco he had worked on. I used Fox decals to finish.


Since these photos where taken I've airbrushed the roof and smokebox with a coat of Tamiya Nato Black and sealed it all with Valejo Satin varnish. Reassembly and tweaking of the weathering will be next and it will be reunited with it's new chassis. I've tried to find some auto-gear fittings to no avail so these will be taken off the older body.





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Nice work as usual from yourself Mark.


Good use of staples too :good:


Bit worried to see it perched on that box of 'funny wheelbased stuff' though :laugh:



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Bit worried to see it perched on that box of 'funny wheelbased stuff' though :laugh:


Got to keep you on your toes!.... :D


Thanks Pete.  Pleased with how this has turned out so far...





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