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Big Big Hymek for Fourgig East



Been a while but here's the start of another budget loco build for Fourgig East - A Triang Big Big Hymek.


I bought a pretty good example for £39 from eBay and the process of converting it to a running O gauge loco has started.




First off the raised lettering on the side has been scraped off and the moulded handrails removed. I've also filled in the fixing holes on the roof and fixed a crack. The switch assembly has been removed ahead of filling in the body sides.


The plan is to retain all of the below solebar items, including the bogies and motor. Thanks to Lord Flasheart I have a spare drive bogie on the way too which should help traction, although on my little layout pulling heavy loads will not be needed with this loco!


I have replaced the wheels with Slaters 7125 ones - at 3'7" they are technically too small, but are bigger than the original Triang plastic ones - a good compromise. I may even drill the four holes as per prototype, but they are not that noticeable on the real thing.




You will see that I have used the Slaters bearings on the undriven wheels - I drilled through 2.5mm from the outside and then pressed the bearings in from the inside. It's a tight fit to get the axles in, but with care it is possible. A bit of filler sorted the holes. Next step is to remove the front parts of the bogies where the coupling attached and add some bracing at the new front edge and then pickups.

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  • RMweb Gold

Good to see you modelling again. What did you use to scrape off the lettering?

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Looking good, I'm in process of sorting a triang hymek - so far it's stripped down and awaiting the purchase of a prmp kit

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