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Humbrol paints



Hi fella's, and lasses if we have any among the membership,


I have a question regarding Humbrol black paint. I have three NEW tinlets (14ml) of the gloss, satin and matt. Both of the gloss and satin blacks seem to take about a week to cure, while the matt only takes a few hours - same sized areas and first coats - but on applying a second coat, all three only take a few hours to harden.


Would anyone know, scientifically, as to why this is happening?


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  • RMweb Gold

You're not the only one having this issue. It seems to be a bad batch of late. I have to stir mine loads before use as it just does not set otherwise.

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  • RMweb Gold

I have restocked with Humbrol Black 85 very recently. Things hav`nt improved with Hornby`s aquisition obviously.


However, I have finished two LMS black OGuage locos this summer/Autumn. It dries normally when sprayed ( I use el-cheepo white spirit as thinner)



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I to have had problems with Humbrol 85 Satin as it does not dry Satin any more! I have given up on Humbrol and now only use Revell, Precision or AK Interactive.

Humbrol paints are now manufactured back in the UK but I suspect changes in formulation are driven by regulation changes. My major problem is getting Satin varnish to dry, so I now only use Precision.

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I use the Revell Range for enamels now, No little bits in them and they dry much quicker especially the gloss paints. fed up with Humbrols  paints recently.

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