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Big Big Hymek for Fourgig East - Part 4



Progress over Christmas :)
The main body is painted, just need to add handrails and buffers etc. Cab roofs are stripped of details and are waiting for new roof vents and air horns.




Main progress has been the bogies, pickups added and wired up so it now moves under its own power!


Wheelslip is a big issue but once I've added a couple of pounds of lead it should be fine





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I'm using the instructions as a source of info ;) - kit puts the job beyond my notional budget for loco builds for Fourgig. If I were building the loco for anything other than my little shunting plank then I'd be looking at the PRMRP bogies or something similar for traction, but as all it will be pulling is 4 or 5 wagons then the standard drive with a couple of pounds of lead will be fine ;)


I do have and MMP diesel detailing kit that will donate some parts (mainly roof fan and cab details) but that also will do 47s and 37s etc so will either be sold on or retained for future use


Besides, it's  more fun making it up yourself LOL

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