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Lima Collection - Trams



In October, my wife and I had a holiday in Geneva with a daughter who was working there with the WTO. On the Saturday, she took us to the flea market where there was a lot of rubbish on offer, but one lady had 3 or 4 of the Lima Tram collection. I didn't buy then, because I wasn't quite convinced of its suitability for my layout. Nevertheless, a few weeks later another daughter went to see her sister in Geneva and I asked them to buy one for me, It is the Düwag Partywagen, nº 208041 as shown below.
I have been searching for information on the Internet but the only concrete information I have located is on a Dutch language page. As far as I have been able see, these models are not brilliant runners and would seem to be best in the show cabinet. I have tried it out on my layout and, while needing a finger from the sky now and again, it did manage to negotiate the complete circuit, points included. These models are not DCC ready, but I couldn't quite understand whether it was possible to fit DCC or not. Has any member had any experience of these models and can enlighten me more fully?
I have searched the Forum and have not been capable of finding anything on the subject, so I am raising the matter here.


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