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Bristol Lodekka (Lledo)




At last I have tracked down an H0 scale bus for the layout. I don't have a road bridge for the bus to stand on, but I do have a Peco/Merit bus stop and a bus is a nice known quantity to set the scene.


The bus is the Lledo model of a Bristol Lodekka. I spent ages studying model buses at a swap-meet today, and with plenty of 1:76 ones on offer I finally found this one which looked about 12% smaller and so I bought it and brought it home to measure it.


Width 28mm representing 8 feet
Height 48.5 mm representing 13 ft 10 in
Length 95 mm representing 27 ft


This seems good to me - the right size, and a prototype used all over Great Britain. Rebranding and a new destination can follow later. Actually, just painting out the destination would do a lot to help.




This model came unboxed. Lledo don't make any claim to the prototype or scale on the base plate of the model, but it really does seem to be a British H0 bus. It is branded as Lledo "Days Gone".




This diorama is the only part of my layout with scenery so far, but swapping the bus for a 1:76 one sets the scene for an 00 gauge train without anything looking too out of place. If I can manage a similar effect on the scenic part of the main layout, I'll be very happy.




I've been to four swapmeets in the last four months or so. The supply of Lima H0 railway models has vanished, the only railway things on offer by the trade are Playcraft (which are essentially toys) and oddball items which most often even the Trade don't realise are H0. Still, it's good fun looking.

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