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Big Big Hymek for Fourgig East - Part 7, roof details



As most people (me included) will spend their time looking down on the Hymek I thought that the roof deserved more attention than say the underframe. Sadly this is the weakest part of the Triang model, apart from the roof section joins everything else is either wrong or missing!


So first to the fan grille, which should be offset by quite a margin. Existing grille filled and flattened and then a card template made with a 38mm hole fixed in place to mark out the new hole




I have bought a DJ Parkins diesel detailing kit which includes amongst a host of detailing parts a suitable grille, this was carefully cut out and fixed in place with a very thin evergreen plastic strip behind to support it. The kit also included a fan although it had 12 blades so every other one was removed....


Undermeath I formed a 42mm diameter tube from plastikard and shaped it to fit under the grille. This is to take the speaker for the sound chip later. A cross bar was added to fit the fan to.






The main exhaust holes whilst in the right place were far too small, so they were drilled out 6mm and the rectangular preheater exhaust marked out (3 x 5mm) from the prototype dimensions and drilled and filed




Finally the engine roof roof vents were fabricated from 1mm plastikard 3 x 5mm each and glued in place. A pin proved to be the perfect spacer to get the gap between them






How did I get all these dimensions? - a chap who works for us volunteers at the WSR and is busy feeding me info every weekend LOL


Just need to paint the edges body green and fix the fan in place and it will be ready for varnish :)

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