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Big Big Hymek for Fourgig East - Part 8



Thought it was time for an update.


I've lowered the loco on it's bogies by removing material from the bogie pivot - the thickness of two washers, so about 1.5 to 2mm. These washers sit inside under the shoulder screw to compensate.


JLTRT couplings have been assembled, just need to chemically blacken them and get them fitted




Green stripe has been airbrushed on using Humbrol 36 and electrical tape for a nice clean masked edge - a trick #1 son picked up from his Nerf gun modding






The Paul Chetter sound chip is fitted with a nice big 42mm speaker under the fan. I went to town with the wiring, deciding to make a little pcb with screw terminals for the bogie and speaker wires and the two 4700uF stay alive capacitors




That's about all for now, once I have the marker lights from Peter Lloyd (your are a star!) I'll get them fitted with 2mm tower LEDS and then I can get the warning panel painted. I have plates etc from Severn Mill to add too.




Here's the modified bogie pivots with the two washers used to take up the slack under the shoulder of the screws



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I'll see if I can take one tonight, but basically big file, not a namby pamby modelling one and took off the plastic down to the brass insert. All done by eye. 

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