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Of elbows and rodding.

Dave John


I spent Friday with my elbows metaphorically glued to the front of some very impressive layouts at at “Model Rail Scotland”. Hello to everyone I met and chatted to there.

Then yesterday I actually managed to superglue my elbow to my own layout. Really, stop laughing. I have been putting in point rodding, an operation I can only do if I get close enough to see the damn stuff. Hence the elbow on the layout……


Anyway, got there in the end. Parts are by MSE including the correct 0.4 mm ns rodding, thank goodness the CR boxed all the difficult bits in.

A few pics of progress.



(I will get this depth of field thing eventually)



My main concern is expansion in the summer, does anyone have experience of problems ?

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I tend to expand in the winter. It must be all those  hearty stews & casseroles & comfort puds.


Seriously, though, unless you are up over 40C, with massive lengths of CWR (sorry, flexible track), it shouldn't be too much of a problem.





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Cheers Ian. I made sliding expansion gaps in the track itself and nothing bad happened last summer so I'm hoping that the rodding will be ok. 

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Nice work Dave, I hope your elbow is OK :-)


The setts in the yard and the inlaid track looks really good too. 

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