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Spring has Sprung



A little break from the 2mm stuff indoors... The weather has been pretty decent this weekend so a certain amount of effort in the garden was felt to be in order. Naturally apart from pulling out the many weeds, I took the opportunity to make sure that the railway was clear of obstructions.


This afternoon the odd train or two had to be run just to make sure things were working properly. Today's main performer was my little IP Engineering 'Jane' - a meths fired pot boiler - similar in principle to a Mamod but rather better put together. This is always a regular favourite - strictly manual so no radio control batteries to remember (err... forget) to charge and pretty easy to keep going. I much prefer meths to gas firing but such an attitude seems out of step with most of what's on the market these days.


The PW department were also much in evidence, armed with their precision adjusting tool (a big hammer) to deal with any rough spots where Jane and train were seen to be disturbed in their progress.


Some photos...


I think this is just about the only daffodil on the shady side of the garden with a flower on it. The track here was reinstated late last year and it's fair to say that it's still looking a little stark.


The south west curve is one of the final bits still (re)laid with wooden sleepers. A very attractive way to lay track but very high maintenance. Originally most of the line was done like this but it did not stand the test of time. These deep wooden sleepers can no longer be had and I've pretty much reached the end of my stock so this may be the final fling for this way of doing things. Pity though.

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Very nice. I share your interest in Garden railways. Having moved I need to build a new line. An area has been allocated for it but there is a lot to be done first.


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Cheers Don. It seems to be a bit of a theme in the 2mm Association. I know of a couple of folks currently interested in 16mm and a few years back one of our former area group members also did 16mm.

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