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Replica 4Epb- Complete




Hi All,


The 4EPB is now complete, after the receipt of a package from Replica Railways. Ordered by phone, I had the items two days later. Excellent service. The motor bogie is a 5 pole Hornby one, fitted with their excellent coach wheels. The gear wheel clips off of the original wheels so it is just a matter of adding spacers and fitting to the new wheels. Here are some pics.












Overall it has been an enjoyable and quite relaxing conversion to do. I will probably try a 2EPB or 2HAP in the future. It's now back to the DC Kits 4CEP and Brittania Pacific 4BEP.

Comments welcome as always.


Cheers for now, Ian

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Yup - that's a 4-EPB alright. Looks like it's just been through Grove Park washer, with Leading Railman Hawthorne doing the Exmoover application, as he did when I worked there in the 70s. Now, of course, if you had made it 5358, it could have run with the Bachmann 4-CEP, having been regeared to main-line speeds.

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Now think of a headcode. 62 my favourite, CX-Gillingham, and has the added bonus of confusing the Waterloo-Exeter fans.

Oh, and sound effects of many doors slamming.

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Thanks for the comments, glad you like it. Olddudders do you know if 5358 was one of the units fitted with B4 bogies? I intend to make one of these variations in the future. Headcode will be appropriate to the SE division.

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1980 RCTS book has the trailer cars only of 5358 as B5(s) bogies and units 5303-5319 with express gear ratio, except 5306, 5316. Seem to recall the late batch had the smaller headcode panels (5357-5370 from the book).


Same info in the 1976 book, and the 1982 book, covering a good span of the all-blue period to match your excellent model.

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Hi All,


Thanks for the info. Just found a picture of 5358 on page 9 of Slam Doors on the Southern, the caption says it was fitted with B5(s) bogies. It is also in Green SYP. The photo was taken at Eastbourne in 1965. Would it have had the bogies that early? Once again thanks for the comments.


Cheers for now, Ian

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one more thought from above on interworking with 4-CEPs - i'm pretty sure that units with suburban gear ratio could work with units with express ratio:

1) otherwise the few express 4-EPBs would have to be kept separate from other (visually) indistinguishable stock, and they definitely interworked.

2) suburban 4-EPBs were often/sometimes seen with 2-HAPs in particular, with no problems, and the 2-HAPs had express ratio.

More unusual to see an EPB-CEP combination in service, but wouldn't be impossible. Sadly, I've still got grotty notebooks from trainspotting in Kent, and could probably find an example. Eventually.

Might have a trawl of my pictures though.


Can't find anything early enough to mention the bogies in 1965.

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