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The Platform Now Arriving is Attempt Number 2



Managed to steal an hour or two today to get this done, ready to install a station building and the engine shed. The back scene is next but budget is lacking, I could afford the sheet of 9mm MDF for this job. This allows me to keep the whole platform as a separate piece that I can complete at home then drop into the baseboard ready for final tinkering.
I chose 9mm because it allows for a close to scale height after taking into account my clunky non fine scale track and won't look too low from typical viewing height. Theres textures on top which will add to the height.
I thought I would do a quick how to on this one as well.



  • Suitable size 9mm MDF sheet
  • Layout paper- Newspaper would do but I have a pad of dads old sketching paper that gets used for modelling projects!
  • Masking tape
  • Matte black rattle can

Here's the start, I drew my platform template using flexible rulers, a sharp pencil and some stock to check clearance, just like most methods. Then I stuck my template to the MDF, I split it into two parts as it made the sheet usage better.


Now the easy way to get a clear cut line, spray lightly around the template edges with the matte black spray.


As you can see this gives a great crisp, clear line.


I cut this using my cheap and nasty jigsaw, with a fresh, good quality blade. The two parts got joined with mitre fast accelerator and thick cyano then a dab of squadron filler.


In place, checking the clearances. I allowed a relatively generous gap for stock as the viewing angle is from the front.


End of platform view, showing the gentle curve. I think it's comparing well with the prototype, at some point I will re stage some published shots and see!


At this stage it looks a little "tall" from rail level, but that height will drop when ballasting is done and the addition of bricks and stonework to the platform face will make it less stark.

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The original one didn't work in the end, I have remembered to leave the end third and the bay facing in brick not stone this time too!

The 3 main boards may all be getting together this month for the first time in 5 years.

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That's a clever way of making a neat line, I've never thought of that - thanks.


I like the expanse of the platform area, and the curved backscene looks good, I really must stop thinking in straight angles!

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Thanks Mikkel. All I did with the backscenes was follow the contour suggested by the real scenery.

I ran some trains yesterday but there's still a few dead sections, probably a result of leaving the whole layout in a shed for 4 years!

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