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And then there were two

Ian Morgan



Having had a successful weekend running 'Freshwater' on 'Freshwater' at Abingdon, I have now turned my attentions to a second Dapol A1X Terrier locomotive, carefully copying the process that worked with number 8 'Freshwater'.


The chassis is etched nickel-silver, available from the 2mm Scale Association along with suitable wheels and gears and 'muffs'. A Nigel Lawton motor provides the power, and a CT electronics DCC decoder fits in the cab. Some extra lead weighting has been added inside the tanks.


Having got the chassis working well enough on analogue DC, I fitted the DCC decoder, and now it runs very nicely on the rolling road.It is not so good picking up from the tracks yet, but I have still got to fit the rail-top pickup scrapers and the DCC stayalive capacitors that Freshwater has.


This locomotive will become number 13 Carisbrooke, and will be lined southern olive green with BRITISH RAILWAYS in sunshine lettering, if I can find a supplier for the lettering and nameplates.



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nice work I must get on and finish my M7 then maybe I can start on the Terrier chassis I have stashed away



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It has been suggested that there is a lot of similarity between the G6 and the last lot of O2s with the higher cabs I assume these were not used on the Island but I am thinking about using the Nbrass kit to produce an O2. Chris has said he was considering the chassis for an etch.



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Yes, Chris' chassis should be available soonish, plus I have some bits donated to me by Reg Dear that were intended to become a third O2 for his Ventnor layout (now on permanent display at Havenstreet museum). I am hoping that with a combination of these, and the N Brass G6, I might be able to cobble something together.

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