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The story of an Engine Shed



When I started placing scenic elements on the layout, I discarded resin made items because of their weight (to avoid overloading the electric motor raising and lowering the baseboard) and price and opted for a Metcalfe Card Kit. I then decided to place it in a different site from the one shown on the layout. It was not fixed in place because, at that time, I had Hornby buffer stops which clip onto the rails and any slight blow from a locomotive can dislodge them and it would have been very difficult to replace then at the closed bottom end of the shed.
Then I decided that the opening was too low to allow electric locomotives through with the current collector raised and I added some 3 cms to the height. The increase wasn't too obvious at first because the shed rested directly on the baseboard and the track occupied some of the height.
However, last week when looking at the photograph of the layout which graces the front cover of the catalogue from which it is taken, the idea hit me that the shed was in the wrong place (as though some subconscious overseer said "you can't put it there") and when I looked at the layout itself I finally realized the logic of the layout, something that had escaped me for ten years.
Below are some photographs of what I had wanted to do and what I have had to do.
In these photos it can be seen thatthe shed on on the second and third lanes, with the water tower at the other ind of the tird lane.
Here the shed can be seen in the right place on the first and second lanes and the problem now is where to put the water tower.
It then occurred to me that the shed needed a decent floor at rail height level for the personnel to move about easily and I set about laying one. I have tested it with two different locomotives, an Electrotren Renfe electric loco and a Bachmann Class 150 DMU and both went in and out of both lanes smoothly at speed levels 1, 2 and 3. It has subsequently been painted, so I will probably have to clean the track again. Since the shed will no longer be resting on the baseboard, but on the pavement, the height now seems to be excessive and out of proportion and I am toying with the idea of removing the supplement I added years back (as mentioned above).
The first view is of the semi-finished floor with cork underlay. The second one shows the floorwith a balsa wood top cover in place and painted.
I now plan to at another platform to the unfinished stattion on the same side as the shed.

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