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Second Terrier gets rail wiper pickups

Ian Morgan



I have now added rail wiper pickups, fabricated from 0.2mm phosphor-bronze sheet, as fitted to number 8 'Freshwater'. This has improved pickup no end. I still need to permanently fix the con-rods, add 'stay-alive' capacitors and couplings, as per 'Freshwater' before I can give it a proper test on the layout.




Here is a view of the wipers that I added to number 8 'Freshwater':




Edited to add photo of wipers.

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Keep trying. 'Freshwater' took me a long time to get right (not to speak of other loco chassis I have tried to build over the last 25 years that all ended in failure). This one has gone better as I managed to avoid most of the errors I made with 'Freshwater'.

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