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New Years Modelling Resoloutions

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The Fatadder


I've posted most of this else where on the forum, but figured it deserved padding out into a full blog post, will be interesting to come back to this in 6 months time and see how much is actually done...


My main modelling objective for the new year is to continue to thin down my fleet removing those items which are not fitting in with my plans. This list should hopefully only take me the first half of the year to get through (put unemployment to good use!) though I suspect if I get lucky and sort a job for September relatively early in the new year I will end up heading off to the Alps till the snow melts!


Painting: The list of stock that is requiring painting is starting to get significant again, a summer spent up at uni working on my thesis has significantly limited my time for painting in 2009 (made worse by getting a lot of rain when ever I found a few days to go home planning to do some spraying.)

  • Paint Class 47 roofs (having fitted new grills)
  • Paint the GWT Green on 47813
  • Paint wessex 31
  • Finish painting DRS 20 and 37
  • Paint the sea urchin rake (else it will never get done once the Hornby model arrives...)

Steam Locos:

  • On Clan Line Add connecting rods, build masokits tender chassis, connect body and tender, and paint bogie/trailing truck. Finally there are a fair few small detailing tasks on the body, including scratch building the lower part of the firebox, adding the pipework under the cab sides, new name plates etc.
  • Flying Scotsman, Build new front bogie, con rods, tender chassis + finish painting wheels for the A3
  • Rewheel City of Truro
  • Not a steam loco, but pretty much the same sort of work, my Hornby 09 needs a new set of cranks (really must email Ultrascale at some point and see if they can do me a set.) will also need the Branchlines con rods painted yellow, along with new pickups.

Diesel Locos:

  • Class 59s: This project has been going on for much too long, even more so now that a 2nd loco has been added to the list. Finish gluing bogie frames onto bogies + headstock modifications on 59001, complete chassis work to modify a Bachmann 66 chassis for an ARC 59/1, body detailing on 2 59s (will require drawing etches)
  • The change in layout location back to the Southern region means that Class 73s are useful again. As such I think its about time I got on with improving my 73 fleet, initially I will go with one in faded NSE, 109 in South West Trains, one in Dutch, one in Mainline and one in EWS. Work will include fitting Bachmann 25 drives, (some will get a full chassis, most will just get drive at one end only.) Fitting separate handrails, new high intensity headlights, and the old shawplan roof grills (not up to the current standard but an improvement on the moulded plastic. In each case they will get a full separate underframe, half tempted to have a play with some resin casting to see if thats an easier way of doing it.....
  • A project to use up some parts from a broken Heljan 47 chassis, the idea being to build a brass chassis with the Heljan motor/bogies and a Vi Trains Class 47 body to model a Virgin 47/8. Having sourced a body from Pixie that will need the usual treatment with Shawplan grills, resprayed cabsides/area over nameplate (given that the model as it comes was in Intercity still in my period)
  • Finally I have a pair of Bachmann Deltics which are each going to get the full Shawplan treatment, the first in Green as D9000 the 2nd in portabrook purple.


Wagon wise things are a bit thinner at the moment, there are a lot of wagons sat in the too paint box (a rake of Turbot and a rake of Urchins for a start), but not so many wagons that actually need proper modelling doing.

  • First up is the rake of Yeoman PTAs, still a lot more to be done here with the 2nd five set not even started yet, annoyingly have left the plasticard box up in Bucks so cant be working on these over the holls as planned. Given that the new layout plan does incorporate this rake, it will now get finished a lot quicker than originally planned.
  • The final work should be completed on my scratch built TDA
  • Finally I may go back to my PGA rake and finish the improvements there, though need to check first if it would be plausibly in use in '98


Layout wise there is a fair bit that needs to be done. By september I want to have the track built, laid, fully tested and ballasted. the station built with major progress on the other buildings.


Once the Summer comes I really want to get through the rest of the paint backlog, the new layout plans might hopefully mean that I get on and paint the 2 and 4 EPB (not particaully useful for prototypical running, but may still get a run out), likewise the 456 pair. A rake of Intercity mk2s is a lot more useful and absolutely must get finished (least I start getting tempted to hack some in to es and fs. Other wagons like the Nucular flasks and a bunch of containers should also see the airbrush (along with the 59s, 67s and deltics.)


Its a long list (and one that dosnt include the inevitable new kits purchases that will come throughout the year (really must get a couple of S Kits Sea Urchins for a start). Hopefully should get through a fair bit of it though.....

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Sadly like many others who graduated last year there wernt exactly many jobs in my field available, evening widening the search still didnt come up with anything. As such I have an awful lot of free time at the moment........


Need something to keep me occupied in the day....


A little update, finally got hold of my City of Truro, looks very straight forward to convert to P4, so just have to make the decision as to Gibsons or Ultrascales now...

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Sorry to hear you're struggling on the job front , though it looks like you've plenty to keep you occupied while looking round

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