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Water Tower



Helo again.
My layout is based on a track plan from the 1975 Hornby catalogue and does not contain a water tower and, from the range of accessories illustrated in the catalogue, it does not appear that any was available. The front cover of te catalogue, which is a colour photograph of this same plan, shows an engine shed and steam locomotives, so water would have been required.
Some time back, I purchased a Peco Water tower and, when placed on the baseboard, it seemed very low. So, I made a base for it as per the following photos.
There is also a photo where I think it should go for space reasons, unless I place it at the far end of the end-to-end middle road opposite to the shed.
I would like to receive opinions on the following points:
1. Is the base and tower on it prototypical (or almost) of any period of the history of railways in Britain up to about 1960?
2. Would the tower have been painted or left black (I suppose it should be weathered but I do not possess those skills)?
3. Is the place I have chosen O.K?

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Usually they are grey depending on region, I'm sure GWR would have had a more elaborate paint scheme and a conical top sometimes. The Base seems quite high but there may have been a small square for track side positioned water towers of this sort. Although I have seen pictures of them on the end of station platforms, the sock piping that is replicated by the black rubber on the model often dangled but a few feet from the floor.




Hopefully the above image may be of some use.


Cheers Paddy

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Thanks for this information and photo. Placing it on the end of a platform could complicate my layout, so I think I will place where it is in the photograph.

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