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Railwells 2017






Just finished our run back up the Fosse Way from Wells where an enjoyable weekend was had in spite of an annoying points failure that affected our ability to get stuff in and out of the goods yard for most of the weekend. We had the station board off after the show closed on Saturday evening (to many amusing comments of 'it's a two day show you know') and changed the point motor but after a few tests this morning the motor of the new one was found to be red hot and promptly disconnected.


The temperature was pretty comfortable too for those of us who chose to turn up in shorts. Thanks to Chris and his team for organizing the show (in its 40th year now) and for being very patient with us being the last to leave yesterday evening. Thanks also to Jim Allwood for being guest operator for the day today.

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  • RMweb Gold

One of several great layouts there yesterday. I particularly liked your presentation with notes about each part of the layout on the fascia below.

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  • RMweb Gold

Couldn't get near this at the Helston show, so was nice to spend sometime watching, and being fascinated and impressed by the model buildings.

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Thanks. There seemed to be a pretty good crowd in front of the layout at Wells too but glad that you managed to get a decent view.

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  • RMweb Gold

Paula and I were on the 2mm demo at the fiddle yard end of the layout and rather inconveniently there were people two or three deep in front of the layout spoiling our view all weekend - shocking!


Seriously, the layout really is looking superb now.



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