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Deltic Prototypes - a start



While I wait for the new year to start the Mikado I am pottering around with the first of two DP1s on the bench. Over the years I have amassed a quantity of conversion kits/bits etc for DELTIC and now find I have enough for TWO!

The first is for me - Dapol body with A1 grilles etc, Fox transfers and plates, SE Finecast flushglaze and a Bachmann Deltic chassis. The idea is to produce a good loco but 1/3 of the price of an NRM one.


The Second loco will be a Craftsman conversion kit applied to a Lima Deltic which will be destined for the classifieds/eBay once finished.


So, for the Dapol one. The body sides and nose ends have had all their raised detail (chevrons, stripes, representations of plates etc) removed and grills cut out ready to take the A1 etched versions. The bits are now cemented together and ready for the roof to be fettled and fitted.



oh how cruel are these close-ups!




Next installment - roof biggrin.gif


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Hi there.


I'll be watching this with interest as I too have a spare Bachmann chassis and the Dapol kits as well as the brass parts. I was just going to use the Bachmann chassis painted White, but your posts have spurred me on to have a go at making the chassis correct.


Please keep up the good work and keep the pictures coming.


A very interesting thread.





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Ta, I thought that the extra work was worth it as the donor deltic had the later cast type bogie frames and would have looked far worse than the small amount of mismatch between axlebox and bogie wheel ....


The procedure I developed for the second bogie worked better as well - assemble the bogie as is, just remove the circular molding pips from the backs of the bogie frames. Use the bogie pivot but DONT cement it in place. This holds the frame nice and square while the cement sets. I then fitted the Bachmann frame bottom, cutting a little off the triangular bracing until the frame sat nicely then cemented in place. Once it was all hard I then cut the bogie pivot out with a scalpel. wink.gif

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Love what you've done. What tools do you use to remove the raised detail (chevrons, stripes, representations of plates etc)?

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