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Work in Progress / Demonstration stand BHMRC



Evening all,


A quick entry following an appearance at the Burgess Hill MRC annual one day show yesterday. I used to be a member 35 years ago but now am happy to help out each year either exhibiting something or being a steward. This year I did a bit of both as I offered to plan the exhibition as I could do it in CAD. Then on Friday evening I arrived at 6:00pm to mark out the halls which seemed to go quite smoothly - Note to self for next year, as the bleacher seating in the main hall didn't appear on the School CAD plans provided :no: so we had to lose 1.2m off the hall length...done by pinching a little off each display without compromising the minimum 2m wide circulation zone.


This year I offered to show work in progress on Thurso and also represent the 2mm Association. Paula kindly loaned me the display as well as books for sale and spare copies of the magazine. I managed to sell one copy of the Track book and a few people took the prospectus and a few sample magazines - hopefully we will have some new members soon.


I took both the Thurso mock up to explain to people how I work and the benefit of doing such a test bed. I also took some plain track bases to explain how simple it is to produce the straight track. The new style pegged turnouts were also visible on my layout albeit with the tie bar as pcb which I prefer. Although I have only just started the wiring it was possible to move the 37 and the 24/1 (up until the turnout) about 300mm to show the DCC and sound as my Daisy had just arrived back from repair.


Generally it was well received and people showed great interest, particularly with the sound. I only managed to build about 6" of track as much time was spent in chat/discussions ;)


About 3 hours into the show it also occurred to me that the layout was too low. I normally exhibit KoL on trestles so 1200mm above FFL but they were both on school tables which doesn't really help so I did a quick switch around during a quiet spell at lunch. This also had the benefit of moving the rolling stock away from small fingers as one little boy tried to push the 37 by its nose until I hinted it could move under its own power ;) Lesson learned :yes:


Here's a few pictures taken yesterday of the display and set up before and after switch:


Initial set up...


Lighting really demonstrated importance to integrate it within a display...


2mm Association information on display...


The sum total of my track building yesterday...


Rethink of display which was much better...


Class 37 was happily ticking over all day yesterday...


Hoping this view might be possible through the glazed end...


Overall, really enjoyed the day.


Next weekend I hope to crack on with the wiring and progress again will revert to my MRJ Cameo thread.


Thanks for looking and hello again to the peeps that I spoke to yesterday ;)



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Well done Pete - and a credit to the Association.  Are you entering 'Thurso' in the 'Diamond Jubilee Challenge'??





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Well done Pete - and a credit to the Association.  Are you entering 'Thurso' in the 'Diamond Jubilee Challenge'??






Many thanks Ian - kind of you to say so.


I had already committed this to the MRJ Cameo Layout Competition before the Diamond Jubilee Challenge was announced but it exceeds the dimensions anyway.



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