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CR Diagram 11A CCTs part 3

Dave John


Well, there they are, painted and in service.

Firstly a couple of photos in harsh artificial light, the colours may look a bit more natural in real daylight.

Overall I’m happy with them, though the spring suspension system doesn’t seem to hold the track as well as I’d like. A bit of running and it might bed in a bit. I haven’t added any weight, lets wait and see if it is needed.




A couple of shots of them in a train .




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They look fantastic Dave, both individually and in the train.


I know very little about how CCTs travelled, but it's very tempting to have one reach Farthing! I've looked them up on the CRA forum and found the appropriate threads, but couldn't see when they were introduced - do you know?

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Cheers Mikkel. 


The first build was 1891, thereafter in small batches till 1900. They were followed by the slightly larger D68 in 1903. The last of the D11a s were withdrawn in 1928. ( as ever, thanks to Mike Williams CR wagon book ) 


The kits were a pleasure to build, the design made for a straightforward paint job. 

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