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So will the plan work in practice...?



Having more or less finished the baseboards, the first fun part was seeing whether the track plan would translate from paper into reality. To some extent, the plan was constrained by the wish to re-cycle buildings/structures recovered from earlier layouts and future blog instalments will expand upon this.


The attached pics show some of the first attempts and the gradual evolution. All track is Peco code 100 with electrofrog medium radius points. The main station building (low relief) can be seen as well as the loco depot location and the goods yard. I'll cover these in more detail as the saga evolves! Most points will have peco motors buried underneath but some (and a few old H&M motors) in the storage loops will have to be surface mounted to avoid cutting into timber bracing unnecessarily.


Not for the squeamish but I notice that one of the pics has a bloody tissue on display, the result of trying to cut left-handed with a Stanley knife. This stopped play, not least as I couldn't grip a squash racquet for a week afterwards.


The presflos (with DIY weathering) that appear in some of the pics are mainly Dapol kits assembled to while away the time as the house sale/purchase proceeded at a snail's pace in 2016. Axle boxes were carefully drilled out to accomodate Romford shouldered bearings and ensure smooth running.



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Looks good.  Probably worth taking a lot of trouble to get the main lines dead straight through the station platform. Steam age tracks were dead straight to the human eye.  The dogs hind leg stuff is a modern computer engineered thing.   Our station has bad track through the platforms and it looks awful in videos and not too clever when viewed from the layout ends,  Laying Peco brand new straight out of the box works well, use anything not dead straight for curves.

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