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Manchester 2017




This past weekend we took St Ruth up to Manchester for their Christmas exhibition. Getting into Manchester city centre on a Friday evening was inevitably a bit of a crawl but once we were there it was a good show with a friendly organising team. There was also a 12 inch to the foot layout just outside the hall which seemed to be running OK.


Some photos...
Guest operators Laurie Adams and Tony Gee handling the main lines with Chris taking care of the goods yard on Saturday


We were awarded a trophy by the MMRS members. Looking at the base of the trophy we are in some very distinguished company.


We had a decent crowd during the busy parts of the show


Steve Dunkeyson manning the 2mm stand. We kept him supplied with tea. I think he appreciated this more once we stopped pouring it all over the stand (sorry Steve!)


An attempt to photograph the night scene with my little camera. We now have two of the trains fully lit with one more still to do. The layouts4u coach lights performed well although we did find some unexpected disco effects in the fiddle yard when locos were passing within range of the latching reed switches in the coaches.


Our thanks to the organising team.

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