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Bridging the gap





This shows the "removable" bridge section at the early stage before electrical multi-plug connectors were wired in and before then cutting through the rails thereby enabling the section to be completely removed, if necessary, to access the radiator. As stated previously, the track-bed is made from thin ply suitably braced to enable the Metcalfe bridge to sit comfortably underneath.




Looking in the other direction, the signal gantry "controls" the up lines station throat. It's made from a Ratio gantry and LMS signals with a bit of added detail, principally the safety rail around the gantry platform that I think makes a huge difference to the appearance. This is constructed from Slater's plastic rod of various thicknesses (thin-nesses.. .?).




Finally, a view of the installed road under-ridge and a Superquick pub recovered from a previous layout. The road etc. base is simply thin ply supported on scraps of wood. The completion of the embankment etc. currently plays second fiddle to the push to lay track in the loco-shed area as time permits.


Having eventually cut through the rails at each end of the removable section and despite the planning and care taken, a lot of packing and aligning was nevertheless then necessary to ensure a smooth transition for trains. With hindsight, a lot more bracing of the thin plywood surface would have been a good idea..... As an extra precaution, each rail is connected across the gap by a rail-joiner/fishplate to ensure the best possible alignment. Should it be necessary to remove the bridge section in the future, these can be slid back with a set of needle-nose pliers. The joiners are not required for electrical continuity.

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