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A bit more track-laying





Well, track-laying in the loco shed area has been completed today and it's divided into suitable sections to enable maximum loco storage - I've never got into DCC so it's strictly analogue. The layout incorporates a double and a single slip and a 3-way point for no better reason than that these were spare having been used on previous layouts. I'm not happy with the appearance of the 4 buffer stops on the turntable over-runs so these will have to be replaced with a few piles of sleepers or some such.


The next steps are to cut the holes for peco point motors, make a control panel from thin ply suitably braced and make a start on the wiring. A CDU will activate the point motors using the conventional stud and probe method.


To make the pics a bit more interesting, I've included a few locos that were awaiting their next turns and the down "South Yorkshireman" is passing in charge of a B1. The V2 on the turntable is a first generation Bachmann model still going strong. The J94 on shed pilot duty is a Dapol model that hadn't been out of the box for at least 15 years but ran smoothly and without hesitation when first put back on the track.

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