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Sudrian Story Scenes - 2




A couple of little vignettes from around the layout, sometimes referencing the books.


Thomas and Henry swapping stories at the junction.


My friend Rich gave me an early christmas present. All of the switches on the layout were previously marked by coloured stickers, which isn't very prototypical, so we decided to position appropriately-coloured objects next to the points instead.
The little green Trojan marks the 'green' point, the red car denotes the freshly-replaced red one.


I was missing a yellow vehicle, and Rich presented me with the Sodor China Clay company's new runabout.
It doesn't show up in photos, but it's even got SCC lettering on the side.


I'm chuffed with it!


No.705 'Westlin' recently gained a new backstory and fresh numberplates (narrow planet). The lining on one side has always been a bit sub-par so it got more heavily weathered to represent the loco in the late 1950s, coming up to withdrawal.
Here it clanks into the yard on a van train, an ignominious task for one of the former flagship locos.

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Great stuff, Corbs. The idea with the colour marker objects is brilliant, I haven't seen that before.


Never mind Jaguar, I'd rather havea  ride in that yellow - er - vehicle! 

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