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Control Panel complete ...





... and it's a rat's nest but it works! The shed throat is also wired into a switch on the station control panel using good old analogue "cab control" allowing the smooth transfer of locos between controllers as required.


Attached a couple of pics of the completed depot pending scenic work as time permits. It must be a Sunday as it looks pretty full .... There's even a visiting "Castle" on shed.




One of the locos is an old Ks kit (Johnson 2F). Back in the 70s, buoyed by my success in building a Wills J39 on a Hornby 0-6-0 chassis, I attempted this one. The body and tender weren't a problem but the chassis defeated me - no way could I get it to run. The conventional wisdom at the Hull MRC (that I was a member of in those days) was that Ks chassis were rubbish - period. So, the loco was tucked away for 20 years or so but it put me off kit-building... Then, I came across a guy at an exhibition in Swindon who was promoting a kit-building etc. service. The short story is that he built a chassis using Romford wheels and motor and it's trundled round a succession of layouts ever since! I've lost his business card but my recollection is that he was Dave Walker from Coventry neck-of-the-woods. (It's the only bit of model building I've not done myself if you discount ready-to-run items.)


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