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Posing for the camera

Ian Morgan



At the Euskirchen exhibition, I asked Peter to use his camera to try to replicate some of the source photos I have of the real Freshwater. After some manipulation, here are the results:




It shows some irregularities, and focal length differences, but the main one is the position of the buffer stop in the horse box photo. It is positioned correctly according to the OS map, but does not match the photographic evidence.

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What buffer stop? I can't see one in the prototype photo - or is it off to the left?


Fun with photos though.

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Interesting experiment. I like the results. You had me wondering about the de-railed horsebox for a minute :-)


I know how hard it can be to find the same angles as in past photos in real life, so doing it on a 2FS model must be even harder. 

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