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The Long Drag to Garsdale – South End Baseboard Module One

Southern Fabricator


Having built bridge 115 and before contemplating undertaking the construction of Dandy Mire viaduct, a start on the baseboard modules needs to be started. This is so I can prefit the bridge for the station approach and the stepped railway cottages to suit the diorama needed for future development.


Having read horror stories about baseboard warping and woodworm destroying hours of workmanship and even deconstruction when a relocation of residence has been undertaken, I determined from the start that these issues were to be avoided at all cost.
Being a member of GWR Modellers who are continually improving our exhibition layout that consist of interchangeable diorama modules used for the available venue spaces was the answer for my own version of Garsdale Junction. These are proven sturdy lightweight constructions that continue to give us good service.


The chosen material for my own baseboard and portability though a tad heavier, is treated 12mm ply along with 40 x 18mm stiffening rails and other treated dressed timber as required. All these are held together with wood screws with the completed 1000 x 1830mm module placed atop of a resin table of suitable size.
Module One consists of three levels, the top where the railway is closest to the operator looking toward the West, the mid level where the railway cottages run parallel to the Carlisle Down Line and the lower level for the six stepped cottages.


At this stage the remaining four stepped cottages have been left out mainly due to a self imposed baseboard width. The back scene ‘blending in’ experiment will determine if I add width for another four stepped cottages. More on my modelling diorama efforts later.

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