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Shelf Island

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Transport preservation and beyond



Shelf is, somewhat inevitably, the home to a group of local railway and other transport enthusiasts. The pride of the group is of course, their S160. The engine remains in its original, free-steaming and first-class condition, and has recently had a new boiler. The group is pleased with the low cost of the new boiler. They saved a lot of money by making it themselves from up-cycled waste materials, and the relaxed regulatory framework means they do not need to get a boiler certificate. The group also has a class E1 engine similar to the ones used on the Isle of Wight, a Bristol Lodekka bus, and an enviable selection of Bulleid coaches.


The group seems to be concentrating its efforts on prototypes found also on the Southern region of British Railways. This might, just possibly, let me build a Southern layout one day.


"1 June 2012 - errors and omissions excepted"

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Well, if there's ever a Friends of the Preservation Society, put me on the mailing list!

More seriously, looking forward to reading about the Armstrong-Whitworth project.

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The essence of the Armstrong Whitworth project is a 3D printed body on a Bachmann chassis, photos here: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/128805-fictional-units-not-boardrooms/?p=3007890


The Bachmann crane is a good runner so I have bought a second one to use as a donor chassis. The difficult parts will be the glazing and finishing the 3D printed surface, which is very uneven. I think it is sensible to put the parts aside until I finish most of "Fairport" ... painting and especially repainting is taking me ages.


I do like the idea of the Friends of the Preservation Society ... it opens up their remit nicely. It lets the railway take most anything really, which is good because one of my possessions is a Danish loco with a flywheel drive (analogue control of course) and it is fun to drive.

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