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Bristol Barrow Road - P4 converted Bachmann Midland 4F 43875 on test run




In 2013 I wrote an article for LMS Review on the then new Bachmann 4F. One of the two I purchased was 43875 which visited the Bristol shed.








My intention was to convert it to P4 for the layout and a couple of years ago I purchased an Easi-Chassis kit from Brassmasters and started the conversion. This ground to a halt early in 2017 pending a decision on which method of pick-ups to use. Over the past week I have completed the project - not the easiest conversion to attempt - and this afternoon the 4F was tested on a freight on the layout.


Here is a video of the test freight train. Especially for you John:-) Thanks to Morgan for the loan of the stock.


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That's running very smoothly, Robin, despite any difficulties with the conversion. Obviously worth the effort and whatever pick-up arrangement you settled on appears to be working well.

How much work have you had to do to the body? Ex Midland loco with tall chimney, RH drive, etc. Deeley or Johnson tender?

Interestingly, that loco appears to have had an early demise as it's not listed in the 1959 shed book.


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Hi Dave,


I'll post some photos of the build at some point either on here or the S4 forum. The fold up Easi Chassis is the easy part although the rear drive axle posed a problem to keep it in mesh - i needed to pack the bearings in order to keep the gears in mesh [ mentioned by Brassmasters in their instructions. Not ideal. 

The main work - and time - was the carving of the body to gain clearance for the wider gauge wheels. This involved removing the splashers, filing the footplate to give over 22mm width and removing metal to clear the coupling rods. Today I found the rods touched the rear of the front steps on the curve and I had to file material off the rear - over 0.5mm on each side.

Pick ups are 0.3mm coiled phospher bronze to a design posted by Will Litchfield on the S4 forum.

The tender chassis is a Brassmasters Deeley unit on which is mounted the DCC chips and which has 4 additional pick ups. 



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Robin - that's very interesting indeed. I've held on to my Bachmann 3F and 4F, in anticipation of doing something similar, yet I think I read in your S4 Forum thread that your 3F simply has Ultrascale drop-in wheels?


Neither loco is particularly near the top of my P4 pile, although a Bachmann 1F is, and I obtained the Easichas kit and Gibson wheels at Scaleforum last year.


The amount of work you have described for the 4F does, at first sight, appear to contradict the term 'Easy'Chas!


The running on your 4F seems very good, presumably it is nice and smooth in terms of acceleration and deceleration and is nice and smooth at 'walking pace' speeds for shunting, buffering up etc.?

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Thanks Robin, looks good. Just back from a whistle stop trip to Devon and Cornwall. Found a great book on Bristol's Floating Harbour in brother's collection.



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Hi Tim,


I have two Bachmann 3F's which do indeed just have Ultrascale drop in wheels and both run well on the layout without any compensation. A lesson there methinks!


I have another 4F to do and am reluctant to go down the Easi-Chas route - the work involved is as much as a full loco kit for P4.


With a total of 10 pick-ups on loco and tender it runs well at slow speeds and the acceleration/deceleration are nice and smooth.


I also have a 1F to do.



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Looking good, although as a spotter, I was disappointed to see the shed almost empty...must have been a working weekday, very disappointing for the local spotters.

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