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St Ruth

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Syston 2018




Our first show of 2018 has come and gone. Not too far from base - organised by the Syston club but actually in Sileby, not far from Rothley.


The organisers were very welcoming and we were awarded two prizes for best layout including a trophy and some bottles of wine. We will now need to organise a function to provide an opportunity to consume said wine.


We also had a play with one of those rail mounted cameras but we will need to wait for the owner to let us have the results.


Some photos...







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It would seem that they are. I remember the name from way back too. I don't know whether the guy behind the stand was the original proprietor.


There wasn't much of 2mm interest on that stand though so I did not enquire further.


Regards, Andy

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Yes it went very well thanks Pete. Not a massive show, nor a finescale specialist show but the quality was good throughout and our train set behaved itself.


Putting us near the book stand might not have been the best thing for my wallet though.


Regards, Andy

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