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LNWR Coal Tank - Chassis take 2



Despite my good intentions of building things straight from the box, I just can't stop myself from kit bashing. So in parallel to building an LNWR Coal Engine, I am working on Coal Tanks as the plumbing is the same. Also the painting and lining should be relatively easier before I paint and line the Coal Engine.




This started out as a K's whitemetal kit but uses a London Road chassis. I have already made one chassis that works well and is my slowest runner which is probably down to the Mashima 1424 motor and High Level gearbox which I think is 50:1 coupled with the weight of the whitemetal body.




However, in my enthusiasm and haste, I failed to paint the wheels before fitting. I need a couple more Coal Tanks so I started building another chassis before finishing this body. I'll decide later which chassis will be on which loco. So I had to drill the crankpin holes on another 6 x H spoke A Gibson wheels in addition to those for the Coal Engine; a glutton for punishment:




As is my current practice, I extended the frames at the front and I replaced the frame spacers with Comet's P4 version. What I failed to do was measure these first. The standard for P4 is 15mm. However the Comet are slightly under. In addition, the London Road frames have a slot half etched that locates the spacers.




This further reduces the width between the frames and compounds a problem to the extent that the motor I wanted to use (a Sagami which is 14.5mm wide) would not fit. So on the next chassis I made my own spacers to a wider width. The moral to this is to always check all the measurements an never assume something is correct. A lot of these items were created in the pre CAD days and so are not as dimensionally correct; in P4 some of this makes a difference.

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Amazing how the brass smokebox and frames makes the whole loco look much finer.


I can certainly see the attractions of a GWR/LNWR joint layout!

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