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Test track baseboard construction pt2




This afternoon I worked on using the parts to put together one baseboard.


Cut the parts to exact length in the mitre saw. This ensures that the parts are exactly square and gets rid of any rough corners.


Cut the PSE that strengthens the ends of the frame. It's not the best quality and although it was reasonably straight and not twisted it was badly bowed so I ran the pieces through the planer just to square things up a bit without changing the dimensions too much.


Glued the PSE to the end frame ply. I might add some screws later.


Cut half depth slots in the spine and rib pieces using the depth stop in the mitre saw.


Did a dry run on the workbench:


So far so good. No major disasters, yet...

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Hello Phil, I can see you've been busy!

Having a good selection of powered tools and other construction aids must help - I'm envious, as the only powered tools I have is an old 2 speed mains electric drill, and a rechargeable screwdriver...!

Very nice work though, if you approach all the aspects of your modelmaking with this amount of thoroughness and attention to detail then this will be a stunning layout...





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Thanks Steve!


I justified buying the table saw combi machine on the basis that I've got lots of joinery still to do in the house. It was a bit of a luxury (and it took a huge effort to get it up the the shed) but I think it is proving it's worth. (Especially on railway things!)


The mitre saw was another difficult-to-justify purchase at the time but, oh boy, does it make life easier! Cutting is so much faster and more accurate than doing it by hand.


My Grandad was a carpenter and when I'm working in the shed I often wonder what he'd make of the fantastic tools available to us today.

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