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Bristol Barrow Road - D13 on test run with rake of Comet Coaches




I have a rake of Comet coaches which I converted from 00 using Bill Bedford sprung bogies and Gibson P4 wheels. These coaches are a fixed rake and have now had Alex Jackson couplings added to each end to enable a test run of the complete set. As they are heavy I decided to use one of my converted Bachmann Peaks, D13, to pull the test train.



For those interested the rake is made up as follows;-


Corridor Brake Composite D1720A
Restaurant Composite D1811
Open First - Porthole D2160
Corridor Composite D1925/69
Corridor Third D1899
Corridor Third D1899
Corridor Third D1899
Open Brake Third D1913

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Hi Robin,


Very smooth! It looks great snaking past the shed.


Kind regards,



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I heartily agree with the complements already made. That train looks wonderful gliding past a few locos on shed. Very evocative. Not so sure about the rake of coaches in the yard, though?

Regarding the train being pulled by a steam loco, I look forward to seeing whatever you put on the front! Might have a few suitable candidates myself......


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Robin, the 'weight' of the set is apparent both audibly and physically. It's confirmed our view that for 'Balcombe' all our coaching stock will be fitted with Bill B bogies and additional weight added. We will also be using the new stainless Black Beetle wheels which we prefer to AGs which down here suffer from rusting (salty air and all that!).


Years ago at the first RMweb day at Taunton we had 'Matford' setup. Paul Hutfield had a set of Bach Mk1s fitted with BB bogies and BB wheels which he hand pushed at speed up a back siding which was curved, checkrailed and rising and so badly built that nothing of ours would run on it without coming off! His set fair sailed up it as smooth as you like. I was convinced that such a combination was the way to go in the future!

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Coaches stored temporarily pending additional sidings in the storage yard:-)  You are most welcome to bring some of your locos down for a run - pm me when you are available.



Bill Bedford bogies is the standard for coaching stock on the layout although I don't like the brake etches - they're a pain to fit.  I think I may use some of Justin's as well in the future. 

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