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Would you like to see my etchings?

Ian Morgan



Well, I am really proud of my first attempt at producing artwork for etching. This arrived today from PPD, Special Delivery:




It all looks crisp and clear, and, more importantly, the correct size. Here are the window frames for Freshwater signal box (top) and the magazine stand (centre and bottom):




And the solebar overlays for the LBSCR 4 wheel carriages:




And finally, some fold-up buffer beams and the guard's lower steps:




I have actually 3D printed some buffer beams, with buffers and hooks, which I might use instead, though.

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Those look nice - I will need some 4mm signal box window frames - what do they require in terms of artwork to produce these?

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I used DraftSight (free) to create the design, and TruView (also free) to produce high quality PDF files for the front and rear images.


As a brief introduction, I created a rough outline on layer 0 of the shape and size of the items I required and the overall sheet size (300mmx150mm).


Then I drew the front view of the image in a new layer, using the layer 0 outlines as a guide, and leaving out the bits that should be half etched. I then 'filled' all the shapes with solid green colour. Then I copied all the items from this layer into another new layer for the rear, and changed the fill colour to magenta. Then I added the half etched parts in magenta. Use of the two colours helped to show what is happening. The shape outlines were deleted, just leaving the area fill.


When I was happy with everything,I saved the final file, and took two copies. In one copy, I deleted everything that was not in the 'front' layer, and changed the colours to black on a white background. The second file, I deleted everything except items on the 'rear' layer. flipped it about the centre line and changed it to black on a white background.


These two files were then read into TruView and exported to PDF (scale 1:1) and the two PDF files emailed to PPD. How hard could it be?


Good luck,


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I found a post from 2012 only yesterday and am hoping you can help me. I am recreating Tunbridge Wells West in N and have a need for 4 platform supports. Like you I have attempted to make them but they are too small, for my skills. It is not for a platform but a coaling stage made up of 4 supports on stilts. I have a picture but not sure how to get it to you using this route. If you have any spare supports that I could buy or if you have a way of getting more made please advise.


Best regards and apologies for hijacking this thread.

Bernie Oliver

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